Typography everywhere

Slide from Ampersand lecture


The first time I heard a typographer complain that people who design texts for screens “don’t get typography” was in 1994. Since then I’ve heard this repeated many times, but relatively few people moved from a – usually unspecified – “what they don’t know” to “how can we explain what matters?” There’s been notable efforts (not least Bringhurst on the web) but I never felt they capture the more complex of typographic decisions.

I’ve been thinking about what typographers would need to explain to related professionals, but a discussion last January with Rich Rutter (who, incidentally, was also responsible for the online Elements I link to above) and Ben Mitchell spurned me to put my ideas into a self-contained presentation. The talk, the first of three that outline similar ideas, is is now on Vimeo. The other two will happen in Paris in a couple of weeks, and in Munich in November.

ICTVC5 announced!

The fifth iteration of the most interesting typography conference has been announced!

ICTVC is established worldwide as a major event that explores the world of typography and visual communication. Since its inception in 2002, people from diverse fields and different disciplines with a passion for visual language research, education, and practice, contribute to the conference. ICTVC attracts speakers and delegates on an international scale, and from a wide range of disciplines related to typography and design. The high quality of presentations is a hallmark of the conference.

This time the conference theme is “against lethe…”; social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues that affect us all demand a new way of thinking. However, as we look forward we should not forget the lessons of the past. What has been the role of visual language against forgetting till now and what may happen in the future?

We would like to invite you to submit your proposals for 30 minute lectures or 20 minute presentations-reports for the main conference and the education strand, and 20 minute presentations for the Design Méditerranée strand.

The 5th ICTVC will take place from 6 to 8 June 2013 in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the campus of the University of Nicosia. A series of workshops will precede the conference, and exhibitions will run for the duration of the week.

Please send your files/proposals to papers2013@ictvc.org until 15 December 2012